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Luckily, I ran across Austin Massage a few years ago on vacation to Gulf Shores and was introduced to the Ashiatsu massage. It has since become the only method I look for, anywhere I go. With that said, Rachael is by far the best therapist I've ever found for performing this type of massage. I wish I could send a team of student therapist from my home city to her for training, so I could enjoy the benefits year-round.

Thanks again Rachael! can't wait for our next visit to GS!

Butch J.


My wife and I decided to treat ourselves while on vacation and looked into getting a couple's massage while in Gulf Shores. We had never received a couples massage by an actual couple before, but it seemed that Adam and Rachael were in perfect sync with each other in the space and while working on us. They were extra open to getting information beforehand on where we needed extra work and feedback on the fly about too much or too little pressure. Don't let Rachael's petite size fool you!! She can dish out as much pressure as Adam, yet Adam can be as gentle and as relaxing as called for. By the end we were both very relaxed and ready to fall asleep. They were also very personable and open and helped us find a great place to eat where the locals go (loved the coconut grouper!). They are definitely the kind of professionals that make you wish you could keep them in your back pocket to utilize regularly. If distance wasn't a concern we would have regular sessions with them... ah to be a local!

Brandon Wilks - Certified School Psychologist


I am a physician and I highly recommend Rachael Austin as a massage therapist. I first met Rachael when I was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. I really felt awful most of the time, and my husband suggested massage to help me feel better. He was already a client of Rachael's, and so I decided to give her a try. She truly worked miracles on my poor ravaged body. Her therapy really helped me get through my chemo and made it bearable. 

Now I am well and I continue to see Rachael as a treat to myself. I would not give her up for the world. 

Dr. Cheryl Cockrell


I am a senior citizen, and had never had a massage. I had been in pain for 20 years and in and out of dr's offices for my sciatica. I had extreme low back pain that was shooting down my leg. I had finally decided to try chiropratic, and did not have the miracle results I had hoped for. As a last ditch effort I decided to try massage for the first time at age 63. It was not how I imagines massages to be at all. She was certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and pin pointed my pain area..... and I GOT RELIEF! I have followed her for 3 years and still get the same relief. I wish I would have found her 20 years ago. I thought massage was a bunch of fluff but I have eaten my words.

Glenda Guilde


I have been a client of Rachael's for three years. Her expert skills have helped me to overcome painful neck, shoulder and back issues which have plagued me for years. I highly recommend her deep tissue and (new) Ashiatsu massages for anyone who suffers with chronic, debilitating pain.

Janet Bilderback


I'm the type of person that had never considered having a massage. I am a firefighter, and a member of Coastal Chorale. After a recent Coastal Chorale show where Adam and Rachael were giving chair massage, I changed my mind. In between shows I started cramping. Reluctantly I got in line for a chair massage, and explained the problems and pain i was having. Rachael went to work on my shoulders and back.

The experience was so positive that I scheduled a follow up visit for my back and legs. They had been sore for months, I had kept icy hot cream in business just trying to get some relief.

Austin Massage will take care of you, don't be bashful or shy. If you have never tried massage, you are missing out on a great experience. If you have stiff or sore muscles or if you are constantly putting icy hot or other products to help relieve the muscle pain then you owe it to yourself to try Austin Massage at least once. YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!

Keith Martin, Deputy Fire Chief - Gulf Shores Fire Rescue


I came to Gulf Shores for a much needed vacation and had my heart set on having a relaxing massage while in the area. I called to make an appointment and Adam was able to get me an appointment that day, which was very convenient. Upon arrival to the massage studio, Adam took the time to ask me what areas I wanted to focus on that was causing me pain. I am a dental hygienist and struggle with pain and tension in m hands, elbows,  shoulders and back. Adam was able to work out those areas and make them much more supple than before. Adam was very professional and encouraged me to relax and take time out for myself to enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of massage. I am very excited to continue my journey with massage in my hometown, but will be a repeat customer on my returns to Gulf Shores. I encourage anyone looking for relaxation, pain relief or just another way to fully enjoy vacation to visit Austin Massage.

Alyssa Simpson, Registered Dental Hygienist

-Bowling Green, Kentucky


My husband and I visit Gulf Shores every winter for five years. We discovered Austin Massage and we've never been the same. The first year I had a frozen shoulder and had gone to doctors and therapist buy it still was stiff and painful. Adam totally fixed my frozen shoulder in two visits. Then my sister come to see us from Ohio and she had shoulder trouble for 20 years. She woke up each night with pain in her shoulder. I told her about my success with Adam, and she reluctantly went. To her surprise and delight, he greatly improved her shoulder. No more pain at night and greatly increases her range of motion. She only went once due to lack of time. Now, she wants to fly back to Gulf Shores just to have Adam work on her shoulder one more time! She couldn't put her arm up. She thinks one more visit would give her total range of motion. Then there's my brother-in-law who walked with a slight guessed it...fixed by Adam. Also, my daughter with leg cramps after running just a few miles...went home and ran in a 15 mile marathon with no cramps. Space doesn't permit me to write about two 82-year old sisters who limped in and danced out of his office!! Do I recommend Adam and Rachael? You bet! Rachael's massages are the best. Adam's magic is phenomenal. It's enough to make me want to move to Gulf Shores!

Lorna Cook

-Atlanta, GA


We spend the winter at Gulf Shores every year. This year I decided to "treat" myself to a massage the first week we were down. I ended up having a session with Adam every week we were down and he really did make a tremendous difference in how I felt. I found Adam to be very passionate about helping people with their pain issues, highly knowledgeable with the science of massage, and highly skilled with the application of his techniques. I can't wait until next year! Thanks Adam.

Stuart Cook

-Atlanta, GA