Austin Massage
Custom Bodywork

Services and Rates:

At Austin Massage we customize our work to meet your needs!

We will interview you and talk to you before your massage and discuss which type or pressure works best for your needs. Every body and every muscle is different, so we want you to get the best massage for you. The main questions we will ask you are:

1) Do you want to relax, or do you need specific work, or maybe a little of both?

2) Do you have any injuries or issues we need to be aware of?

3) What kind of pressure/ massage do you prefer?

We do offer some specialty services! please check them out!

Ashiatsu: a type of massage therapy in which the therapist balances his/herself from parallel bars mounted in the ceiling above the table and massages the client with their feet. Excellent for deep tissue work. It's described by most as one of the "Deepest -Most Relaxing- Massage Ever". It is not "walking" but a rhythmic massage technique offered by the feet.

Hot Stone: Warm stones used to help muscles relax and let go. This therapy is very soothing and a favorite for those wanting to relax. We recommend a 60 minute or 90 minute session to allow the body to fully let go and relax.

Pregnancy Massage: The childbearing body is an ever-changing landscape. The activity within is immense. Pregnancy massage is specialized work to serve both the mother and child. We have a custom pregnancy table that has an adjustable "hammock" for the baby, so that you can lay flat on your stomach safely.

House-call/ Group Services: We are happy to accommodate couples at our office or in a house call.  We are available, when you book in advance, to accommodate groups at your beach house or condo, for the ultimate beach front massage experience. Each person in your group gets an amazing massage without having to leave the beach!



All services are licensed and professional and

NOT of a sexual nature.

All massage appointments booked by 6 P.M.


We prefer cash or checks.

Help support SMALL LOCAL business and consider paying by cash or check.  Small businesses pays huge fees to banks and credit card companies to process credit card transactions.  You can help us keep down our prices when you pay with cash or a check.

*We prefer Cash/ Check!  We do accept credit cards, but there will be a $5 charge for processing fee


Please call and schedule you appointment today! 251-272-9191

Ashi-Thai Massage$175.00 / 120 minutes
Couples Massage in Office$180.00 / 60 minutes
Couples Massage in Office$240.00 / 90 minutes
House-call$120.00 / 60 minutes
House-call $150.00 / 90 minutes
In Office Massage$90.00 / 60 minutes
In Office Massage$120.00 / 90 minutes
Pre-Natal/Pregnancy Massage$90.00 / 60 minutes